Just a Note For October 2017

“Evelyn, do you love me?”  These haunting words were the last spoken to me by a dear cousin that I lost on this earth last month.  I will never forget sweet Ben.  That was the question he had for me every time I saw him for the last umpteen years!  That very same question is what Jesus asks me every day – “Evelyn, do you love Me?”  And of course, I answer, “Yes, Lord, you know that I do!”  But I often forget that there’s more to loving God then just answering Him –   sometimes I really don’t love Him more than I love “these”, because I’m chasing something else for the moment.  I barely acknowledge Him some days, and I know how it must break His heart.  The Lord asks the same thing of Peter in John 21:15-17, and He does this three times!  The third time Peter is hurt because Jesus keeps asking, even though he has already told Jesus of his love and devotion.  Each time Jesus tells him something: 1) feed my lambs 2) take care of my sheep 3) feed my sheep.  You see, there’s more to following Christ than just obeying.  If we are to have the mind of Christ, we are to become servants of Jesus to others.  In this way, we all are called to “feed” those lambs in our lives (younger ones or baby Christians), take care of His sheep (lead  others) and feed (minister and teach) other Christians.  Some believe that only the ministers of the church are equipped to do this, but God has called each of us to “feed the sheep” in our own         pastures.  Whom do you know that you need to feed?  God has a plan and purpose for each of us.  He created us for so much more than we dare dream!  Acknowledge Him and drink at His streams of  living water each day.  You will be amazed at what He can and will do to you, with you, and through you!

Evelyn Winsett