Just a Note For October 2017

“Evelyn, do you love me?”  These haunting words were the last spoken to me by a dear cousin that I lost on this earth last month.  I will never forget sweet Ben.  That was the question he had for me every time I saw him for the last umpteen years!  That very same question is…

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From The Pastor’s Heart – April 2017

This month we celebrate the greatest event in the life of every Christian- the resurrection of our Lord. This was the time when God set history aright. No longer could Satan or his cronies deny that Jesus was the Son of God. The truth was out and the rest is history. What does the resurrection…

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C.H.A.O.S Newsletter

Greetings Church! March has been a great month at C.H.A.O.S where the youth had the opportunity to serve through the morning worship service (youth Sunday) – singing praises and sharing experiences. It is awesome to simply stand back and see the work of God in each of our youth. Each one at their own pace…

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