C.H.A.O.S Newsletter

Greetings Church!

March has been a great month at C.H.A.O.S where the youth had the opportunity to serve through the morning worship service (youth Sunday) – singing praises and sharing experiences. It is awesome to simply stand back and see the work of God in each of our youth. Each one at their own pace making progress towards knowing God and His ways!

We’ve also had meaningful bible study times on Wednesdays. We will continue in April the bible study series called Starting Point by Andy Stanley – exploring who God is, His ways, the Christian faith, and what Christianity is really about. It has been a natural, enjoyable, life-changing small group study. Please keep the youth and leaders in prayers as we learn and grow together!

Sunday morning bible studies – by Navin and Paul Caputo.

Sunday evenings will be game nights and Hand bells practice (for Easter Sunday), alternatively.

Dates to Remember:

April 22nd (Saturday): Youth Fundraiser at Cici’s Pizza

As always, keep the youth, leaders, and the church in your prayers. Please feel free to contact me for any concerns or prayer requests at navinjeremiadoss@gmail.com or on my cell at (706) 339-9783.

In His service,
Navin Jeremiadoss
Associate/Youth Pastor, MBC